Our Story

Here at Titan Matcha we’re all about tackling the impossible, in spirit and body! We’re passionate about developing unique and effective concepts that truly make a difference to your workouts, your health and your everyday life. We're doing this by infusing our products with one of nature's most effective superfoods: finely ground matcha green tea.

Our Mission

Helping you Discover the Best Version of You.

A healthy lifestyle goes beyond body shape. It's about the habits we build, and using supplementary products that improve your energy and focus is a definite win in our books. We want you to discover the amazing benefits you’ll get from using our products.

All of us here at Titan Matcha are united in our mission to help you Discover the Best Version of You - all it takes is one decision. What will you choose?

At Titan Match we go to the best regions of the Uji area in Kyoto prefecture of Japan, to source some of the best crafted artisan matcha from suppliers who have been around for centuries to ensure you get the best benefits from the highest quality matcha on the market.

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